The Jill Pill

Hi, I’m Jill, a fitness and wellness coach here to help you create Happy Healthy Habits.

Weekly Online Classes

Joy in Movement - we move in a way that feels good and honors our unique, wonderful bodies.

Comfort & Convenience - join from wherever you are, with or without your camera on, whatever makes you feel your best

Community - connect with others in a supportive and fun atmosphere

Class Types

  • Golden Fitness

    Ideal for older adults and those new to exercising. We focus on increasing strength, range of movement, balance, and coordination

  • Pilates

    Low-impact flexibility and strength class that focuses on proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance

  • Zumba

    Cardio dance fitness class that fuses Latin, hip hop, and pop dance hits with easy to follow moves to get you out of your mind and onto the dance floor

  • Tabata HIIT

    High-Intensity Interval Training class that focuses on using max effort over short periods of time with brief rest breaks

  • Total Body

    Cardio and strength training interval class that gets the whole body moving

  • Booty Burn

    Strength and endurance class that focuses on the lower body

Class Details

Kind Words

“Jill is fantastic! I look forward to her classes every week. They have been a great inspiration to get back into a self-care routine!”

“I love it because she always gives options on each exercise since I'm a little older and not always able to do the more advanced version.”

Let's get moving!

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