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I'm Jill aka The Jill Pill
I use to pretend feeling sick in gym class to avoid running day. It wasn't until years later that I would learn to enjoy working out, so much so, that I became a fitness instructor. Being in the fitness industry, I saw a lot of unhealthy practices including fad diets that were unsustainable, complicated food tracking systems that led to obsessing about food, and intense workouts that resulted in injury. Dedicated to finding a better approach to health and wellness, I created The Jill Pill Method.
Small Changes + New Habits = Big Rewards
The Jill Pill Method is about working towards your wellness goals by making minor changes to your daily routine. It is not a quick fix but instead focuses on creating new habits to effortlessly improve and maintain your physical, mental and overall well-being.
When it comes to wellness, one size does not fit all
With the guidance and personal coaching from me, you will define your own healthy lifestyle. You will receive the one on one attention needed to create accountability and see real results.

Kind Words

"I love The Jill Pill Method! Our regular meetings keep me thinking about where I’m doing well, what I want to improve and the most important question, why?"
- Jen R

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